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ཀ་ལིང་ག (Wyl. ka ling ga ) Pron.: ka lingga

  • Skt. कलिङ्गः, kaliṅga, Pron.: kalinga. From Sanskrit: N. of a people and their country (the N. is applied in the Purāṇas to several places, but especially signifies a district on the Coromandel coast, extending from below Cuttack [Kaṭaka] to the vicinity of Madras) | an inhabitant of Kaliñga | N. of a king of Kaliñga (from whom the Kaliñga people are said to have originated | he is sometimes mentioned as a son of Dīrghatamas and Sudeshṇā, sometimes identified with Bali | N. of a being attending on Skanda | Bomb. | ix, 45, 64 | •v.l. | Calc. | N. of several authors | the fork-tailed shrike | Caesalpina Bonducella | Wrightia antidysenteria | Acacia Sirissa | Ficus infectoria [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW