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ཀུ་མུ་ད། (Wyl. ku mu da ) Pron.: ku mu da

  • Skt. कुमुदम्, kumuda, Pron.: kumuda. From Sanskrit: 'exciting what joy', the esculent white water-lily (Nymphaea esculenta) | the red lotus (Nymphaea rubra) | camphor | N. of a Dhruvaka | N. of a particular comet | of a Nāga | of an attendant of Skanda | or of Vishṇu | of the elephant of the south-west or southern quarter | of a Daitya | of a son of Gada by Bṛihatī | of a confidant of king Unmattāvanti | of a monkey-hero | of a poet | of a pupil of Pathya | of a mountain | of one of the smaller Dvīpas [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW