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ཀུ་ཤ། (Wyl. ku sha ) Pron.: kusha

  • Skt. कुशः, kuśa, Pron.: kusha. From Sanskrit: grass | the Brāhmaṇas commonly call it | the sacred grass used at certain religious ceremonies (Poa cynosuroides, a grass with long pointed stalks) | a rope (made of Kuśa grass) used for connecting the yoke of a plough with the pole | N. of a son of Vasu Uparicara | of the founder of Kuśathalī | of a son of Balākāśva (grandson of Balāka, father of Kuśāmba or Kuśa-nābha) | of a son of Suhotra | of a son of Vidarbha | of a son of Rāma | of and son of Lava (king of Kaśmīra) | one of the great Dvīpas or divisions of the universe (surrounded by the sea of liquefied butter) [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW