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ཀྱང། (Wyl. kyang ) Pron.: kyang

  • Skt. अपि, api, Pron.: api. From Sanskrit: or sometimes | expresses placing near or over, uniting to, annexing, reaching to, proximity | •Gk. •Zd.: api | •Germ. and •Eng. prefix: be | in later | As a separable | and, also, moreover, besides, assuredly, surely | or | as well as | or | or | neither, nor | moreover. | is often used to express emphasis, in the sense of even, also, very | also another, something more | this very day, even now | even thus, notwithstanding | even if, although | although, nevertheless | never at any time: sometimes in the sense of but, only, at least | only a moment. | may be affixed to an interrogative to make it indefinite | any one | anywhere. | imparts to numerals the notion of totality | of all the four castes. | may be interrogative at the beginning of a sentence. | may strengthen the original force of the Potential, or may soften the Imperative, like the English 'be pleased to' | sometimes it is a mere expletive. | but, but yet. [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW