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ཐུག་པ། (Wyl. thug pa ) Pron.: tukpa

ཐུག་པ།  ཐུག་པ།  ཐུག་པ།    ༼ཐ་མི་དད་པ་༽
past pres. fut. imp. v.i.
  • Skt. पेयः, peya, Pron.: peya. From Sanskrit: to be drunk or quaffed, drinkable | to be tasted, tastable | •opp. to | to be taken (as medicine) | to be drunk in or enjoyed by | sc. | a drink offering, libation [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW
  • Skt. यवागूः, yavāgū, Pron.: yavagu. From Sanskrit: in | rice-gruel | any weak decoction of other kinds of grain | to some, a c measures of water and the whole boiled down to half the original quantity | frequently in | with the ingredient from which the gruel is made [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW
  • Skt. पेजः, pejaḥ, Pron.: pejah [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP