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བསྡུས་འཇོམས། (Wyl. bsdus 'joms) n. Pron.: düjom

  • Rounding Up and Crushing Hell [Three Realms of Samsara] [Desire Realm] [Hell Realms]
  • Skt. संघातः, saṁghāta, Pron.: sanghata. From Sanskrit: rarely | striking or dashing together, killing, crushing | closing (of a door) | combat, war, battle | compressing, condensation, compactness, hardening | close union or combination, collection, cluster, heap, mass, multitude | a company of fellow-travellers, caravan | a collection of mucus, phlegm | a bone | any aggregate of matter, body | intensity | a poem composed in one and the same metre | (in gram.) a compound as a compact whole (•opp. to its single parts) | on | a vowel with its consonant (•opp. to | (in •dram.) a •partic. gait or mode of walking | N. of a division of the infernal regions [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW

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