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ཡེ་ཤེས། (Wyl. ye shes) n. Pron.: yeshe

  • cognitions, gnosis ▷EC
  • intuitive knowledge ▷HVG LUB
  • authentic awareness, pristine cognitiveness ▷HVG LD
  • atemporal cognitiveness ▷HVG SADT
  • gnosis ▷RTH VIM
  • intuition ▷RTH ▷CPT
  • timeless awareness LCN
  • Skt. jñāna. Pron.: jnana. From Sanskrit: n. knowing, becoming acquainted with, knowledge, (esp.) the higher knowledge (derived from meditation on the one Universal Spirit) | knowledge about anything cognisance, See [-tas] and [a-jñād] [a-jñād] [vā], knowingly or ignorantly | conscience | [endriya] | engaging in (gen., e.g. [sarpiṣas], 'in sacrifice with clarified butter') | n. prudent, wise | easily known | n. knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, discrimination | a distinctive mark, token of recognition, any mark or sign or characteristic | a monument, memorial | [-kumuda-candrikā] f. N. of wk. | [-ghana] m. nothing but knowledge (cf. under [ghana]) | [-tṛpta] mfn. satiated with, i.e. full of knowledge | [-saṃtati] f. a train of thought Tattvas | [ananda], [aśrama], and [endra] m. N. of authors [Sanskrit] MW

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