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Pearl-like ringsel of Gonpo Tseten Rinpoche

Relics (Tib. རིང་བསྲེལ་, ringsel, Wyl. ring bsrel)


The five types of sacred ringsel mentioned in Jamgön Kongtrul Lodrö Thayé's rten la nang gzhug 'bul ba'i lag len lugs srol kun gsal dri bral nor bu chu shel gyi me long are:

  1. dharmakaya ringsel (chos kyi sku'i ring bsrel)
  2. kudung ringsel (de bzhin gshegs pa'i sku gdung gi ring bsrel)
  3. (sku bal gyi ring bsrel)
  4. (chos kyi ring bsrel)
  5. (yungs 'bru tsam gyi ring bsrel)

Teachings Given to the Rigpa Sangha