Four lamps

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Four lamps (Tib. སྒྲོན་མ་བཞི་, drönma shyi, Wyl. sgron ma bzhi) — terms related to the path of tögal

  1. the far-reaching water lamp (rgyang zhags chu'i sgron ma)
  2. the lamp of the basic space of awareness (rig pa dbyings kyi sgron ma)
  3. the lamp of empty spheres (thig le stong pa'i sgron ma)
  4. the lamp of naturally arising wisdom (shes rab rang byung gi sgron ma)

Alternative Translations


  1. lamp of the far-catching water lasso
  2. .
  3. lamp of the empty disk of light
  4. lamp of self-arisen knowledge

Four luminosities (Light of Berotsana)

  1. luminosity of the far-sighted water lasso
  2. luminosity of perfectly pure space
  3. luminosity of the empty bindu
  4. luminosity of self-occuring prajña

Further Reading

  • Jamgön Mipham, White Lotus, translated by the Padmakara Translation Group (Boston and London: Shambhala, 2007), pages 65-66.