Gungtang Tenpé Drönmé

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Gungtang Tenpé Drönmé

Gungtang Tenpé Drönmé (Tib. གུང་ཐང་བསྟན་པའི་སྒྲོན་མེ་, Wyl. gung thang bstan pa'i sgron me) (1762-1823) was born in Dzogé in Amdo in 1762. He was recognized by Könchok Jikmé Wangpo as the incarnation of Gendün Phuntok and enthroned at Tashikhyil Monastery. It was from Könchok Jikmé Wangpo that he received the name Könchok Tenpé Drönmé, when receiving his getsul vows. In 1778 he entered the Gomang college of Drepung Monastery and undertook serious studies.

He returned to Tashikhyil, where in 1791 he was enthroned as abbot. He taught extensively and was a writer of poetry as well as philosophical treatises. He died in 1823.

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