Katok Nyingön Incarnation Line

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Katok Nyingön Incarnation Line - the successive incarnations of Katok Sangye Tashi.

Previous Incarnations

Katok Nyingön Incarnations

  1. The First Katok Nyingön Choktrul, Jangchub Dorje (Wyl. nyin dgon mchog sprul byang chub rdo rje) (b.mid 17th - d.early 18th)
  2. The Second Katok Nyingön Choktrul, Osel Dorje Nyingpo (Wyl. nyin dgon mchog sprul 'od gsal rdo rje snying po) (b.mid 18th - d.early 19th)
  3. The Third Katok Nyingön Choktrul, Zhenpen Dorje (Wyl. nyin dgon mchog sprul gzhan phan rdo rje) (b.early 19th - d.late 19th)
  4. The Fourth Katok Nyingön Choktrul, Sonam Dorje (Wyl. nyin dgon mchog sprul bsod nams rho rje) (b.late 19th - d.late 19th)
  5. The Fifth Katok Nyingön Choktrul, Gyurme Kelzang Tobgyel Dorje (Wyl. nyin dgon mchog sprul 'gyur med skal bzang stobs rgyal rdo rje) (1937-1979)

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