Shuksep Nunnery

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Shugseb Nunnery in Tibet

Shuksep or Shugsep (Tib. ཤུག་གསེབ་, Wyl. shug gseb) — a nunnery located thirty miles from Lhasa on the slopes of Mount Gangri Thökar, a site associated with the great master Longchenpa. It was founded by the great female master Lochen Chönyi Zangmo.

In Exile

Shuksep Nunnery in exile is located on the outskirts of Dharamsala in Northern India. It has approximately 60 nuns most of whom come from the original nunnery in Tibet. They have the opportunity to participate in a nine-year academic program of Buddhist philosophy, debate, Tibetan language and English. Their teachers come from Penor Rinpoche's monastery in southern India