Taktsang Lotsawa Sherab Rinchen

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Taktsang Lotsawa Sherab Rinchen (Wyl. stag tshang lo tsA ba shes rab rin chen) (b. 1405) - an important Sakya master who composed a number of important treatises including a famous survey of the various philosophical tenet systems.

He was born together with auspicious signs in Tsang in the Wood Bird year of the seventh calendrical cycle (1405). His father was called Döndrup Gyalpo and his mother was Lhamo Gyal. At first, he was named Könchok Kyap. He quickly learned to read and write and became known for his intelligence. Upon receiving ordination from Senge Gyaltsen Pal Zangpo, he was given the name Sherab Rinchen. From several teachers, he received all the Sakyapa teachings, including the instructions on Lamdré, and teachings on the Kalachakra Tantra and many other topics. Not only did he master the outer and inner sciences, he also became a lotsawa.

It is not known exactly when he passed away, but is it is known that he completed his overview of the Kalachakra in 1455, at the age of 51.

His Writings

His written works include his famous Understanding All Tenets (grub mtha' kun shes), which was critical of many of the views of Jé Tsongkhapa, and which, in turn, inspired the composition of Jamyang Shépa's Great Exposition of Tenets. He also wrote Understanding All Sciences (rig gnas kun shes), Understanding All Sutras (mdo sde kun shes), and Understanding All Tantras (rgyud sde kun shes). He composed commentaries to all five treatises of Maitreya, and an overview of the Kalachakra.

Further Reading

  • Ringu Tulku, The Rimé Philosophy of Jamgön Kongtrul the Great, Shambhala, 2006, pages 213-4, 'Tagtsang Lotsawa's Way of Teaching Prasangika Madhyamaka'

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