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The Vinayasutra (Skt. vinayasūtra, Tib. འདུལ་བའི་མདོ་, Wyl. 'dul ba'i mdo) by Gunaprabha consists of a root text on Vinaya and its autocommentary. The Vinayasutra is included among the so-called "thirteen great texts", which form the core of the curriculum in most shedras and on which Khenpo Shenga provided commentaries.



  • Dharmamitra, Vinayasūtraṭīka (Wyl. ’dul ba’i mdo’i rgya cher ’grel pa)
  • Prajñākara, Vinayasūtravyākhyāna (Wyl.’dul ba mdo’i rnam par bshad pa)


  • Khenpo Shenga, འདུལ་བ་མདོ་རྩ་བའི་མཆན་འགྲེལ་པདམ་དཀར་པོའི་ལྗོན་ཤིང་

Further Reading

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