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ཁྱུ་མཆོག (Wyl. khyu mchog ) Pron.: khyuchok

  • Skt. ऋषभः, ṛṣabha, Pron.: rishabha. From Sanskrit: fr. | a bull | as impregnating the flock | and | any male animal in general | the best or most excellent of any kind or race | the second of the seven notes of the Hindū gamut (abbreviated into Ṛi) | a kind of medicinal plant | a particular antidote | a particular Ekāha | the fifteenth Kalpa | N. of several men | of an ape | of a Nāga | of a mountain | of a Tīrtha | the inhabitants of Krauñca-dvīpa | N. of a people [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW