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ཁྲག་ནད། (Wyl. khrag nad ) Pron.: trak né

  • Skt. रुधिरम्, rudhira, Pron.: rudhira. From Sanskrit: prob. fr. the above lost root | 'to be red' | and also under | red, blood-red, bloody | the bloodred planet or Mars | a kind of precious stone | blood | saffron | N. of a city | •cf. •Gk. •Lat.: ruber: rubeo: rufus | •Lith.: ru4das: rau4das: raudo4nas | •Slav.: ru8dru8: ru8de8ti | •Goth.: rauths | •Angl.Sax.: rea4d | •Eng.: red | •Germ.: ro7t: rot [Mahavyutpatti] [Sanskrit] MVP MW