A Great Treasure of Blessings

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Cover of the second edition of A Great Treasure of Blessings
Cover of the first edition of A Great Treasure of Blessings

A Great Treasure of Blessings — a collection of prayers to Guru Rinpoche translated and edited by Rigpa Translations, and published by Rigpa.

This book was first published by Dharmakosha for Rigpa, to celebrate the Wood-Monkey Year 2004-5 and was then revised and updated to celebrate the Fire Monkey Year 2016-7. The first edition was translated into French and German.

I am present in front of anyone who has faith in me,
Just as the moon casts its reflection, effortlessly,
In any vessel filled with water.

Table of Contents of the Second Edition



Foreword: Guru Padmasambhava by His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Guru Padmasambhava: His Life

Accomplishing the Lama through the Seven Line Prayer—A Special Teaching from the Lama Sangdü[1]

Le'u Dünma

Barché Lamsel

The Heart of Blessings—A brief anthology of prayers to Guru Rinpoche and the twenty-five disciples, the king and subjects

Taking Refuge and Arousing the Awakened Mind of Bodhichitta
The Visualization
The Seven Branch Offering
LotsawaHouse-tag.png Recollecting the Deeds of the Tenth Days
LotsawaHouse-tag.png The Abbreviated ‘Prayer in Seven Chapters
The Heart of Blessings Conclusion

Aspiration Prayers

Long Life Prayers

Prayers for the Long Life of Sogyal Rinpoche

Concluding Prayers


  1. All prayers are presented with line-by-line Tibetan script, Tibetan phonetics and English (or French and German) translation.

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