Ascertainment of the Three Types of Vows

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Ngari Panchen

Ascertainment of the Three Types of Vows (Tib. sdom gsum rnam nges) - An important treatise on the three sets of vows from a Dzogchen perspective by Ngari Panchen Pema Wangyal (1487-1542).


  • Ngari Panchen, Perfect Conduct: Ascertaining the Three Vows, with commentary by Dudjom Rinpoche, Boston: Wisdom Publications 1996.


  • Tulku Tsultrim Zangpo, sdom gsum rnam nges kyi rnam bshad paN chen dgongs pa rab gsal bE D’ur dkar po’i ‘od snang skal bzang ‘jug ngogs kyi snga dum