Bodhicharyavatara Chapter 3 Outline

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Bodhicharyavatara Chapter Three: Taking Hold of Bodhichitta - topical outline based on the commentary by Khenpo Kunpal.

I. Preparatory Practice

A. The Accumulation of Merit

  1. Rejoicing in Virtue (1–4)
  2. Requesting the Buddhas to Turn the Wheel of the Dharma (5)
  3. Praying That the Buddhas Remain and Do Not Pass into Nirvana (6)
  4. Dedication of Roots of Virtue for the Welfare of Others (7–10)

B. The Mind Training

  1. The Actual Mind Training (11)
  2. A Reasoned Demonstration of the Need for Mind Training (12)
  3. The Specific Gift of Your Body (13–17)
  4. Dedication of the Results of Mind Training to the Welfare of Others (18–22)

II. The Actual Vow of Bodhichitta (23-24)

III. Conclusion

A. The Joy the Author Feels in Himself (25–33)

B. Exhorting Others to Rejoice (34)