Compassionate energy

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The Ground of Dzogchen is described as being endowed with three qualities―essence, nature and compassionate energy. The third quality of the Ground is its compassionate energy (Tib. ཐུགས་རྗེ་ . Wyl. thugs rje).

Just as the sky and sunlight are indivisible, so the empty essence and cognizant nature are always a unity. This inseparability or unity is called ‘compassionate energy’, the manifestation of the compassionate energy of the enlightened mind.

This unceasing compassionate energy is described as:

  • unconfined,
  • unobstructed, and
  • all-pervasive.

It too possesses three wonderful qualities:

  • the wisdom that knows,
  • the compassion that is loving and caring, and
  • the power that is able to liberate, protect, and benefit beings and fulfil the enlightened activity of the buddhas.

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