Eight Sugatas

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The Eight Sugatas (Wyl. bde bar gshegs pa brgyad) are mentioned in the Sutra of Auspiciousness and in Mipham Rinpoche's famous Verses of the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones.

  1. King of the Lamp (Drönmé Gyalpo)
  2. Stable Strength of Wisdom Accomplishing All Aims (Tsalten Döndrup Gongpa)
  3. Glorious Adornment of Love (Jampé Gyengyi Pal)
  4. Sacred and Glorious One Renowned for Virtue (Géwar Drakpa Pal Dampa),
  5. Vastly Renowned and Considerate of All (Kunla Gongpa Gyacher Drakpa Chen)
  6. Glorious One Renowned as Perfectly Strong and Exalted like a Mountain (Lhunpo Tar Pakpa Tsal Rap Drakpé Pal)
  7. Glorious One Renowned as Considerate of All Sentient Beings (Semchen Tamchela Gongpa Drakpé Pal)
  8. Glorious One Renowned as Perfectly Strong who Satisfies the Minds of Beings (Yitsimpar Dzépa Tsal Rap Drakpé Pal)

As explained in The Sutra of Eightfold Auspiciousness, there is power in reciting the names of these particular eight buddhas because their aspirations were quite extraordinary, and their buddha realms are exceptionally pure.

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