Eight subcontinents

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Eight subcontinents (Tib. ling tren gyé; Wyl. gling phran brgyad) — there are two subcontinents for each of the four continents which surround Mount Meru according to the cosmology of the Abhidharma. The eight subcontinents are:

1. Deha (Skt.; Tib. ; Wyl. lus) and
2. Videha (Skt.; Tib. Lüpak; Wyl. lus 'phags)

which surround Purvavideha;

3. Chamara (Skt. Cāmara; Tib. Ngayab; Wyl. rnga yab) and
4. Aparachmara (Skt. Aparacāmara; Tib. Ngayabshyen; Wyl. rnga yab gzhan)

which surround Jambudvipa;

5. Shatha (Skt. Śāthā; Tib. Yoden; Wyl. g.yo ldan) and
6. Uttaramantrina (Skt. Uttaramantriṇa; Tib. Lamchokdro; Wyl. lam mchog 'gro)

which surround Aparagodaniya; and

7. Kurava (Skt.; Tib. Draminyen; Wyl. sgra mi snyan) and
8. Kaurava (Skt.; Tib. Draminyengyridra; Wyl. sgra mi snyan gyi zla)

which surround Uttarakuru.