Eighty inexhaustibles

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The eighty inexhaustibles or unceasing factors (Wyl. mi zad pa brgyad cu) — a means of classifying bodhichitta given in the Sagaramatiparipriccha Sutra (blo gros rgya mtshos zhus pa'i mdo) and discussed in Mipham Rinpoche's Khenjuk. They are:

1) generation of bodhichitta (sems bskyed),
2) aspiration (bsam pa),
3) application (sbyor ba),
4) superior aspiration or noble intention (lhag pa’i bsam pa),
5-10) the six transcendent perfections (pha rol tu phyin pa drug),
11-14) the four immeasurables (tshad med bzhi),
14-19) the five supernatural perceptions (mngon shes lnga),
20-23) the four means of attraction (bsdu ba'i dngos po bzhi),
23-27) the four types of correct discrimination (so so yang dag pa rig pa bzhi),
28-31) the four reliances (rton pa bzhi),
32-33) the two accumulations (tshogs gnyis),
34-70) the thirty-seven factors of enlightenment (byang phyogs so bdun),
71-72) shamatha and vipashyana (zhi lhag gnyis),
73-74) perfect recall and courageous eloquence (gzungs spobs gnyis),
75-78) the four seals of the Dharma (chos kyi sdom bzhi),
79) the single path to be traversed (bgrod pa gcig pa), and
80) skill in means (thabs la mkhas pa)