Five basic categories of knowable things

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The five basic categories of knowable things (Tib. ཤེས་བྱ་གཞི་ལྔ་, shé ja shyi nga, Wyl. shes bya gzhi lnga), according to the Vaibhashika School, are:

  1. The basic category of apparent forms (Tib. nangwa zuk kyi shyi)
  2. The basic category of main mind (Tib. tsowo sem kyi shyi)
  3. The basic category of accompanying mental events (Tib. khor semjung gi shyi)
  4. The basic category of non-concurrent formations (Tib. denpar mayinpa duché kyi shyi)
  5. The basic category of the permanent and uncompounded (Tib. dumaché takpé shyi)

Alternative Translations

  • Five basic categories of reality (Thubten Jinpa, Science and Philosophy)