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'''Five buddha families''' (Tib. ''rik nga''; [[Wyl.]] ''rigs lnga'') —
'''Five buddha families''' (Skt. ''pañcakula''; [[Wyl.]] ''rigs lnga'';  Tib. ''rik nga'') —
#buddha family (Skt. ''Tathāgatakula''; Wyl. ''de bzhin gshegs pa'i rigs'')
#buddha family (Skt. ''Tathāgatakula''; Wyl. ''de bzhin gshegs pa'i rigs'')

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Five buddha families (Skt. pañcakula; Wyl. rigs lnga; Tib. rik nga) —

  1. buddha family (Skt. Tathāgatakula; Wyl. de bzhin gshegs pa'i rigs)
  2. vajra family (Skt. Vajrakula; Wyl. rdo rje'i rigs)
  3. jewel family (Skt. Ratnakula)
  4. lotus family (Skt. Padmakula; Wyl. pad ma'i rigs)
  5. action family (Skt. Karmakula)