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Four mudras (Skt. catumudrā; Wyl. phyag rgya bzhi) — in the yoga tantra and inner tantras, there are four types of mudra which 'seal' the enlightened body, speech, mind and activity of the deity. The four mudras are:

  1. The great mudra (Skt. mahāmudrā; Wyl. phyag rgya chen po) (see mahamudra)
  2. The dharma mudra (Skt. dharmamudrā; Wyl. chos kyi phyag rgya)
  3. The samaya mudra (Skt. samayamudrā; Wyl. dam tshig gi phyag rgya) and
  4. The activity mudra (Skt. karmamudrā; Wyl. las kyi phyag rgya) or wisdom mudra (Skt. jñānamudrā; Wyl. ye shes kyi phyag rgya), which refers to the spiritual consort.