Golok Serta Rinpoche

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Gokok Serta Rinpoche

Golok Serta Rinpoche was a great Chö practitioner of the Dudjom Tersar lineage. Born in 1891, he was 8 years old when he met Dudjom Lingpa, and continued his training with Goser Onpo Khyenrab Gyasto Rinpoche, one of his main students.

His Training

In 1923, he walked to Western Tibet and reached the base of Mount Kailash. He heard there for the first time of Degyal Rinpoche, a lama from Golok who had been a student of Dudjom Lingpa. He then went under training with Degyal Rinpoche.

In 1946, Golok Serta Rinpoche went for a pilgrimage to India, and traveled all across the Himalayan mountains. He used to teach Dharma during summer, while staying secluded in retreat during winter.His root master Degyal Rinpoche was reborn within his own family, as his son, and was name Second Degyal Rinpoche

In 1961, he went to India and met Dudjom Rinpoche in Kalimpong, who was then giving the transmission of the Nyingma Kama. It was on this occasion that Dudjom Rinpoche put him on a throne and introduced him to all participants, calling him 'Serta Drupchen', the great accomplished one from Serta.

His Family

Among his sons are:

  1. Second Degyal Rinpoche, the incarnation of his root master