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(Created page with "200px|thumb|Heart-leaved moonseed '''Heart-leaved moonseed''' or '''guduchi''' (Skt. ''guḍūcī''; Tib. སླེ་ཏྲེས་, ''letre'', [[Wyl.]...")
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[[Category:Shrine and Ritual]]
[[Category:Shrine and Ritual]]
[[Category:Five Precious Substances]]
[[Category:Five medicines]]
[[Category:Tibetan Medicine]]
[[Category:Tibetan Medicine]]

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Heart-leaved moonseed

Heart-leaved moonseed or guduchi (Skt. guḍūcī; Tib. སླེ་ཏྲེས་, letre, Wyl. sle tres) — Tinospora cordifolia or Tinospora sinensis.