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written on the first of the tenth month of the Water Sheep (1943)
written on the first of the tenth month of the Water Sheep (1943)
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*Bla ma’i rnal ‘byor snying thig gsal sgron dbang chog dang bcas pa (1-19)

page 12—This was requested together with the support of offerings by Yudrön, a princess of Derge. The supreme all-seeing tulku Rinpoche, Mangala (Dilgo Khyentse), also said it would be a good idea to write this, and so, I, Jamyang Lodrö Gyatso or Pema Yeshe Dorje composed this there and then, dictating it to the supreme tulku Rinpoche who wrote it down. May it be a cause for the two acccumulations increasing, like great waves in the minds of self and others.

Page 19—in response to many enthusiastic requests from Choktrul Rinpoche Tashi Paljor, the dakini Tsering Chödrön, Parko Chöpel and others, I, wrote this on the first day of the fourth month of the Wood Sheep year (1955), gradually dictating it to my own student Lodrö Chokden, who acted as the scribe.

Bla ma’i rnal ‘byor ye shes bcud thig (21-25)

Requested by Dorje Lobpön of the tantra teachings, Khenpo Tsultrim Nyima from the monastery of Kathok Dorje Den…..

Bla ma’i rnal ‘byor byin rlabs dpal ster (27-32)

Requested by Lhadri Lama Tsegön, who upholds the three higher trainings, together with the supports of a silk scarf and a ? of gold, this was written by the one upon whom the title of Khyentse Wangpo’s activity manifestation has been bestowed, Chökyi Lodrö, in the Chimé Drubpé Gatsal, on the fifteenth day of the later month of miracles in the Wood Dog year (1934), on the anniversary of Jetsün Drakpa Gyaltsen.

Bla ma’i rnal ‘byor grub gnyis char ‘bebs (33-35)

Written by the old fool Chökyi Lodrö, who thinks only of the three things, in the Chökhor Lhunpo Labrang at Omin Orgyen Mindroling monastery, according to the requests of Minling Khenchen Rinpoche Ngawang Khyentse Norbu, who offered a silk scarf and gold ?, and also Dungsé Rinpoche, who offered writing paper.

Bla ma’i rnal ‘byor byin rlabs ‘dus pa (37-38)

Written at the request of Lama Mardril (or Mardrim??) who is endowed with the three higher trainings.

*Bla ma’i rnal ‘byor gyi zin bris ye shes gsal sgron (39-96)

written by Chökyi Lodrö to fulfill the many requests of his own student Parko Chöpel….

O rgyan rin po che la gsol ba ‘debs pa dus ngan snyigs ma’i rkyen bzlog (97-109)

Page 101—written by Pema Yeshe Dorje or Chökyi Lodrö on the tenth day of the monkey month (seventh) of the monkey year (1956) in Lhodrak Kharchu in the great Tsok House of the Iron Phurba (Chakphur) whilst enjoying a tsok feast of Lama Sangdü.

Page 102—Written by Jamyang Chökyi Lodrö at the request of Perab Shedrup Tendzin, the chöpön of the sixth Dzogchen Rinpoche (who is like a crown jewel among the infinite holders of the teachings of the Early Translations), whilst offering a tsok feast before the Guru Rinpoche statue in Samye in the third month of the Fire Monkey year (1956).

Page 104-5—Written by Jamyang Lodrö Gyatso at Druptso Pema Ling on the twenty-first of the monkey month of the Monkey year, at the request of Sonam Gyaltsen from the Lakar family of Dharma benefactors and Gegyur Drak, who offered scarves and wheels of silver.

[There are many more GR prayers with short colophons]

Page 109—written on the eighth day of the eighth month in Darjeeling by Chökyi Lodrö.

Rje grub mchog tshul khrims bzang por gsol ‘debs (111-112)

Written by Chökyi Lodrö on the fourteenth of the fourth month of the Wood Bird year (1945) when performing a self-empowerment for the entrustment of pure awareness written by this great master.

Bla ma rgyang ‘bod kyi gsol ‘debs srid zhi’i gdung sel (113-123)

In response to the request of the supreme Dakini Tsering Chödrön, by the Dharmaless savage Chökyi Lodrö.

Rje btsun sgrol mar gsol ‘debs sdug bsngal sel byed (125-126)

Written on the twenfth day of the month of Saga Dawa in Darjeeling, by the follower of Tara, Chökyi Lodrö.

Mar pa lotsa yab sras gsol ‘debs (127-128)

Written by Chökyi Lodrö near the residence of Marpa and his heirs in Lhodrak.

Rje phag mo grub pa’i gsol ‘debs byin rlabs rol mtsho (129-134)

Written on the twentieth day of the twelfth month in the Bird year (1957) by Chökyi Lodrö in Gangtok.

Karma pa dus gsum mkhyen pa’i gsol ‘debs (135-136)

Written on the 25th of the month of Saga Dawa.

Rgod tshang mgon po rdo rje’i gsol ‘debs (137-139)

Written by Chökyi Lodrö at the request of Lama Yeshe Lhundrup.

Rje thams cad mkhyen pa tsong kha chen po’i gsol ‘debs (141-145)

Written by Chökyi Lodrö in the Iron Sheep year (1931) in the tenth month on the anniversary.

Rje btsun rdo rje ‘chang kun dga’ bzang po’i gsol ‘debs (147-153)

Written by Kunga Trinle Gyatso or Jamyang Chökyi Lodrö on the first day of the ? month of the Water Sheep year (1943).

Gsol ‘debs bsdus pa (155-156)

Written by Chökyi Lodrö in Darjeeling early in the morning on the 24th of the fourth month, which is just before the anniversary of this great master (Ngorchen Kunga Zangpo).

Tshar chen rdo rje ‘chang gi gsol ‘debs (157-160)

This prayer was made by Kunga Trinle Gyatso Döndrup Wangi Gyalpo in the presence of the great master’s stupa at Dardrong Chen. On the 7th day of the 9th month of the Fire Monkey….[mentions visions].

Thar rtse mkhan chen rdo rje ‘chang mched gnyis dang mkhyen brtse’i dbang po’i gsol ‘debs (161-164)

29th of the 2nd month of the Earth Dog year in Sikkim in the town of the Gathering of Dakinis by Kunga Trinle Gyatso.

Kun mkhyen chen por gsol ‘debs (165-166)

No colophon

‘jigs med gling pa’i bla ma rgyang ‘bod (167-168)

whatever came to mind on the 5th day of the 5th month, in Darjeeling.

zur mang drung rin po che’i skyes phreng gsol ‘debs (169-173)

at the request of Karma Ösel Lhundrup, holder of the treasure of the three trainings, this was written by Jamyang Chökyi Lodrö.

o rgyan ‘jigs med chos kyi dbang po’i gsol ‘debs (175-177)

on the 18th of the 4th month, the anniversary of this great master, Jamyang Lodrö Gyatso made this prayer out of unshakeable devotion.

rgyal sras ‘chi med padma rdo rje’i gsol ‘debs (179-182)

the precious incarnation of Chu Gyalse Rinpoche, Chime Pema Dorje passed into the dharmadhatu on the 20th day of the 9th month of the Fire Bird year (1957). Then in the third month of the Earth Dog (1958), on the auspicious anniversay of the Buddha teaching the Kalachakra, the fifteenth, the one who holds the name of a Khyentse incarnation, Jamyang Lodrö Gyatso, in response to a request from the master’s zhaps ‘bring?? Chödrak who is a monk from Drakjong Tsangön. It was written in Sikkim in the temple of the kings’ palace.

skyes rabs gsol ‘debs chu zla’i rdzun ris mos ldan dga’byed (183-194)

my own student from the Dongna (??) Labrang at Dzongsar, Jamyang Sherab Shenpen Chökyi Senge, whose life is clearly without the slightest fault, requested me again and again to write this saying although there is a brief version, there is also a need for something more elaborate. Then I, Jamyang Chökyi Lodrö wrote this on the 25th of the third month of the Water Dragon year (1952).

*skye phreng gsol ‘debs udumbara’i phreng mdzes (195-196)

Chökyi Lodrö wrote this to fulfil the request of some devoted students.

gsol ‘debs nyung ngu’i rigs phyogs gcig tu bsgrigs pa (197-202)

page 198—[prayer to JKCL] Written by Chökyi Lodrö at the request of Yönru Lhasé Jamyang Sonam

page 198 (2)—[prayer to JKCL] Requested by Yangtsang Serdrup Dungsé Paljor Lhundrup and Khachö Tulku of Sikkim

page 199—requested by Yakzewa Khenpo Tsewang Gyurme

page 200—[Prayer to Realize the Profound Meaning] requested by Thinley Norbu, the son of the supreme tulku Dudjom Rinpoche, lord of all the learned and accomplished masters

page 201—[prayer to JKCL] requested by Dorje Tsering, the ‘tsho mdzad (?) of Benmé Khangsar

page 202—one-pointed prayer made in the Fire Monkey on the 25th (?) of the ninth month, in the presence of Go Rumse Bak (?) Yishyin Norbu.

rgya rong mkha’ ‘gro bde chen dbang mo’i gsol ‘debs (203-204)

Requested by Khandro Tsering Chödrön.

Page 204—[Prayer to Pegyal Lingpa] written in Darjeeling

‘od gsal char ba’i gsol ‘debs (205-206)

written at the request of the Kha’u Kyelhe Pönlop Tashi Gyatso in ….

bal yul mchod sdong rnam gsum gsol ‘debs (207-212)

page 208—[Swayambhu] prayer by Chökyi Lodrö made at that sublime place itself

page 209—[Boudha] prayer by Chökyi Lodrö made at that sublime place itself

page 211—[Takmo Lüjin] by Chökyi Lodrö

page 212—[all 3] prayer by Chökyi Lodrö in Jarung Khashor [Boudha].

rgyal mchog thams cad mkhyen pa chen po sku phreng bcu bzhi par zhabs brtan du gsol ba ‘chi med bdud rtsi’i dbyangs snyan

page 218—Paying reverence with his body, his speech and his mind, the one who bears the name of the incarnation of Jamyang Khyentse, Jamyang Chökyi Lodrö from the realm of Dokham in the east wrote this as he prayed with fervent devotion, at the residence of ‘Samdrup Palace’, to the south of the great temple of Rasa Trulnang (the Jokhang), in Lhasa in Central Tibet. He then offered this prayer to the great omniscient one himself. May it become a cause for his life to be secure for countless aeons! Sarwada kalyanam sushreyo bhavatu: All is perfectly complete!

gong sa chen por zhabs brtan du gsol ba ‘chi med sgra dbyangs

Page 220—in the sacred place of Yamalung, during an elaborate tsok feast practice connected with the mandala of Tsedrup Düdtsi Bumchü from the Chime Rigdzin Dupa, at the section on tenshyuk and tsedrup, Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö, one who is under the cool shade of the great Dalai Lama’s compassion, made this prayer.

gong sa ‘dren mchog chen por zhabs brtan du gsol ba dpag bsam ‘jon shing (213-222)

page 222—on the 7th of the 11th month of the Fire Bird (1957)….

dpal sa skya’i bdag khri rin po che’i zhabs brtan ‘khon gdung mandzu badzra’i zhabs brtan bcas (223-227)

requested by Kyabgön Dagchen Rinpoche Ngawang Kunga Sonam….

‘jig rten dbang phyug karma pa bcu drug pa chen po’i zhabs brtan (229-232)

written as the year of the Fire Monkey (1956) was beginning in Tsurpu valley (Tsur Dowo Lung) monastery….

myos rigs rdo rje ‘dzin rgyal gcung rin po che ngag dbang chos grags la zhabs brtan du gsol ba (233-234)

offered together with mandala and body, speech, mind etc. etc. by Chökyi Lodrö, one who holds the name of a Khyentse tulku.

smin gcung rin po cher zhabs brtan du gsol ba (235-236)

requested together with a supporting gift by the master’s own disciple Serla Jikmé Dorje, and written by Jamyang Chökyi Lodrö…

gter chen bdud ‘joms ‘jigs bral ye shes rdo rje’i zhabs brtan (237-238)

This prayer for the long life of the supreme and wondrous master endowed with wisdom, love and spiritual power is offered from the Dharma centre of Dzongsar Tashi Lhatse in Kham Derge by one holds the name of Jamyang Khyentse’s tulku on an auspicious date in the Earth Ox (1949) year.

kun gzigs mchog sprul rin po che bkra shis dpal ‘byor gyi zhabs brtan (239-242)

offered during the month of Saga Dawa (on the tenth day??) in the Wood Monkey year (1944) when commencing the teachings on Jampal Tuktik, the profound terma of the great master…in Chimé Drubpe Gatsal.

gter chen bla ma’i rnam rol mchog sprul rin po cher zhabs brtan gsol ‘debs (243-244)

[LLP for Chokling Rinpoche] written on the 10th of the tenth month of the Wood Ox (1925)…

dpal ldan bla mar zhabs brtan gsol ‘debs lha’i rnga chen (245-252)

page 249—At the request of Gyurme Dongak Tendzin the son of the great Trogawa, leader of the activity of the Ganden Podrang, …I wrote this myself on the 25th (?) of the eleventh month of the Fire Pig year (1947)

page 251—At the request of the Derge Dzongsar tulku of Ngari Chöje, I wrote this myself on the 1st of the second month of the Earth Pig year (1959)

rgyal bstan mchog sprul gyi skyes phreng dang ‘brel ba’i zhabs brtan gsol ‘debs (253-254)

Written in Gangtok at the request of Tsewang Gyurme, the attendant of Choktrul Rinpoche

‘khrul zhig bde chen dpa’ bo rdo rje’i zhabs brtan (255-257)

the 15th of Saga Dawa in the Fire Bird year (1957)

Page 257 (LLP for the incarnation of Shuksep Jetsunma written in the Fire Bird)

rang ltos slob bu’i tshogs la ‘phrin du gsol ba rab rib mun sel (259-267)

no colophon

rang gzhan la gdams pa phan bde’i ‘khri shing (269-286)

written on the 15th of the fourth month of the Water Sheep (1943)

rang gzhan la gdams pa gtam du bya ba rin chen phreng mdzes (287-307)

Given to Trehor Dongtok (gdong thog) Choktrul

rang la gros su ‘debs pa (309-311)


zhal gdams gnad kyi phreng ba (313-315)

no colophon

zhal gdams byang chub bde lam (317-322)

Requested by the tulku of Degyal Rinpoche, and written in Gangtok

zhal gdams mgur glu rin chen mgul rgyan (323- 329)

Written for my student Traltse (khral tshe) Rinpoche when he requested a song for travelling from Gangtok to Tibet.

zhal gdams thar pa’i ‘khri shing (331-335)

written in Samye Drakmar Ketsang at the request of Samdrup, the monk from Hor Dongtok.

gzhan la gros su ‘debs pa phan bde’i ‘khri shing (337-341)

written at the request of Sarma Rigdzin, a monk from Negön in Lower Kham.

zhal gdams kun phan bdud rtsi (343-346)

written in Sikkim on the anniversary of Jetsun Drakpa Gyaltsen at the request of the diligent practitioner Lama Kunga Chökyi Özer, a monk from Hor Nyadrak Gonpa.

gnas dgon mchog sprul la gdams pa (347-349)

no colophon

*gdams ngag gnad dril [Ani Pelu Heart Advice] (351-354)

zhal gdams thar lam sgron me (355-359)

no colophon

zhal gdams gnad phreng (361-371)

no colophon

gdams pa rin chen phreng mdzes (373-376)

no colophon

zhal gdams bdud rtsi’i bum bzang (377-378)

by Chökyi Lodrö

gdams pa’i bslab bya nyung ngu (379-380)

no colophon

gsang spyod snyan brgyud gnad kyi bcud phur rgyab yig (381-382)

Advice to my student Rikok Chadral Rinpoche

yi ge’i ma mo dang sbyar ba’i zhal gdams (383-384)

[this is in verse with the first letter of each line being ka, kha, etc.]

yang zhal gdams (385-386)

By Chökyi Lodrö

kye ma dul sogs zhal gdams (387-388)

By Chökyi Lodrö

nad sel gyi sman dkar po gcig thub (389-390)

written on the 11th of the 6th month

*zhal gdams bslab bya gnad kyi phreng ba (391-396)

By Chökyi Lodrö

zhal gdams bsil sbyin bdud rtsi (397-400)

Requested by Perab Khyung-gyal, the sölpön to Drupwang Dzogchen Rinpoche, who is like the sun for the teachings of the Ancient Translations

zhal gdams nyung ngu dge ma kun bzang gi ngor gnang ba (401-402)

no colophon

lce btsun snying thig khrid kyi zin bris (403-447)

(notes based on the teachings of Minling Khenchen)

rdzogs chen gyi don khrid mdor bsdus (449-453)

written by Chökyi Lodrö at the request of the daughter of Kathok Gyalse Kunzang Rinpoche

*gzhi ka dag khregs chod lam lhun grub thod rgal gyi khrid bsdus (455-459)

no colophon

sems don ngo sprod kyi gnad mdor bsdus pa (461-465)

this was written by Chökyi Lodrö to fulfil the request of Yönru Lhase Sogyal.

ma nam mkha’ dang sogs smon lam (467-468)

written on the 23rd of the 7th month of the Bird year, when struck with (bro) sickness and feeling sad for various reasons connected with the degenerate age.

nges don phyag rgya chen po’i rtogs pa ma ‘khrul bar brjod pa (469-471)

By Yeshe Dorje

dbu ma thal ‘gyur ba’i don snying nges par brjod pa*** (473-474)

written by Jampal Gawe Gocha in Darjeeling on the 28th of Saga Dawa.

zung ‘jug dbu ma chen po’i don brjod pa mtha’ bral dbu ma chen po thal ‘gyur ba’i nges gsang zla ba’i zhal lung*** (475-498)

written on the first of the tenth month of the Water Sheep (1943)