Katok Dampa Deshek

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Katok Dampa Deshek (1122-1192) - founder of Katok Monastery.

The Last Testament of Katok Dampa Deshek

tönpé tenpa yun ring né gyur chik
May the teachings of the Buddha remain for long,

tekpé gyalpo shintu dar gyur chik
May the king of all vehicles flourish and spread,

tenpa dzin nam shyapé ten gyur chik
May the lives of the holders of the teachings be secure,

ten la nö nam ming tsam tong gyur chik
May all obstructions to the teachings be eradicated entirely,

dro kun sangyé top pé gyur gyur chik
And may this aspiration be a cause for all beings attaining enlightenment.

This was spoken as the last testament of Dampa Deshek of Katok (1122-1192) at the moment of his death, on the eighteenth day of the month of Saga Dawa.