Khamtrul Rinpoche Dongyü Nyima

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The Eighth Khamtrul Rinpoche, Dongyu Nyima, who founded Khampagar Monastery in Tashi Jong, India

Note: For the Nyingma teacher who has taught at Lerab Ling, Dzogchen Beara and other Rigpa centres on several occasions, see Garje Khamtrul Rinpoche.

Khamtrul Rinpoche Dongyü Nyima (1931-1980) (Wyl. khams sprul rin po che don brgyud nyi ma), the Eighth Khamtrul Rinpoche, was an important master of the Drukpa Kagyü lineage—the eighth reincarnation of Khampa Karma Tenphel. He rebuilt Khampagar Monastery in Tashi Jong, Himachal Pradesh, India, in the late 1960s and played a leading role in reviving the Drukpa Kagyü lineage in exile.

There are two reincarnations of Khamtrul Rinpoche Dongyü Nyima:

  • The Ninth Khamtrul Rinpoche Shedrub Nyima (b.1980) who currently resides at Khampagar Monastery in India, and
  • The Ninth Khamtrul Rinpoche Jigme Pema Nyinjadh (b.1981) who currently resides in Bhutan.

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