Langtang Tara temple

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The Langtang Tara temple (Wyl. glang thang grol ma lha khang or glong thang), or Den Drolma Lhakang (’<nowiki>dan sgrol ma'') is a famous [[Tara]] temple in Langtang, at a place called Denkhog or Denma (wyl. ''<nowiki>‘dan ma) north of Dergé in Kham. The temple has three images of Tara, one of which is said to have spoken. It was established at the time of king Songtsen Gampo is one of the thrirteen geomantic temples built to tame the demoness and guard Tibet[1].


  1. Tshig mdzod chen mo says it is a Region Subduing Temple, Tertön Sogyal's biography says it is a Tadul temple, and the Mani Kabum a Yangdul shrine, which is probably the correct by looking at the supine demoness superimposed on the map of Tibet.