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Naga (Skt. nāga; Tib. ཀླུ་, lu, Wyl. klu) — serpent spirits classified as one of the eight classes of gods and demons, or as animals or demi-gods. They live beneath the surface of the earth or in the water and are believed to be endowed with magical powers and wealth, as well as being responsible for certain types of illnesses (Wyl. klu’i nad) transmitted to humans. In Indian mythology they are preyed on by the garudas.

Virupaksha, the guardian king of the West, is the leader of the nagas.

Practices Related to the Nagas

Further Reading

  • The Encyclopedia of Tibetan Symbols and Motifs, Robert Beer. Shambhala (1999), page 70-73.

Alternative Translations

  • Serpentine water spirits (Dorje & Coleman)
  • Serpent deities