Pawo Lerab Tsal

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Pawo Lerab Tsal (Tib. དཔའ་བོ་ལས་རབ་རྩལ་, Wyl. dpa' bo las rab rtsal) aka Cheyol Rigdzin Chenmo (che yol rig 'dzin chen mo) was a close disciple of the Third Dzogchen Rinpoche, Ngedön Tendzin Zangpo, and the Second Nyidrak, Pema Thekchok Tenpé Gyaltsen (1712-1771). He was the author of a prayer to Guru Rinpoche entitled The Prayer to Orgyen Rinpoche, that “Invokes the Heart of his Wisdom Mind” (See A Great Treasure of Blessings, page 379).

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