Praise to Shakyamuni

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gyü chag sum pa (Wyl. rgyud chags gsum pa)


Golden-coloured one, we prostrate to you.
Free from stains, in the three worlds there is no one like you.
To you who have incomparable wisdom, we prostrate.
The protector who possesses great kindness,
The omniscient teacher,
The basis of oceans of merit and virtue—
We prostrate to the tathagata.
Pure, the cause of freedom from passion,
Virtuous, liberating from the lower realms,
This alone is the supreme, ultimate truth—
We prostrate to the Dharma which is peace.
Having been liberated, they show the path to liberation;
They are fully dedicated to the disciplines;
They are a holy field of merit and possess virtue—
We prostrate to the sangha.
Commit not a single unwholesome action,
Cultivate a wealth of virtue,
To tame this mind of ours,
This is the teaching of all the buddhas.
As a star, a mirage or a butter lamp,
As an illusion, a dewdrop or a bubble,
As a dream, a flash of lightning or clouds,
All compounded things should be seen like this.
Through this merit, may all beings attain the omniscient state of enlightenment,
And conquer the enemy of faults and delusion,
May they all be liberated from this ocean of samsara
And from its pounding waves of birth, old age, sickness and death!

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