Quotations: Manjushri, If you are attached to this life...

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ཚེ་འདི་ལ་ཞེན་ན་ཆོས་པ་མིན། །

འཁོར་བ་ལ་ཞེན་ན་ངེས་འབྱུང་མིན། །

རང་དོན་ལ་ཞེན་ན་བྱང་སེམས་མིན། །

འཛིན་པ་བྱུང་ན་ལྟ་བ་མིན། །

If you are attached to this life, you are not a true spiritual practitioner.

If you are attached to saṃsāra, you do not have renunciation.

If you are attached to your own self-interest, you have no bodhicitta.

If there is grasping, you do not have the View.



  1. Although attributed to Mañjuśrī, this quote is included among those of the Tibetan masters because it comes from a vision of the Tibetan master Sachen Kunga Nyingpo.