Quotations: The Torch of the Three Methods

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ekārthatve ’py asaṃmohād bahūpāyād aduṣkarāt |
tīkṣṇendriyādhikārāc ca mantraśāstraṃ viśiṣyate ||[1]

དོན་གཅིག་ན་ཡང་མ་རྨོངས་དང༌། །

ཐབས་མང་དཀའ་བ་མེད་པ་དང༌། །
དབང་པོ་རྣོན་པོའི་དབང་བྱས་པས། །

སྔགས་ཀྱི་ཐེག་པ་ཁྱད་པར་འཕགས། །

It has the same goal but is free from all confusion,
It is rich in methods and without difficulties.
It is for those with sharp faculties.
The mantra vehicle is especially sublime.

Tripiṭakamalla, The Torch of the Three Methods (*Nayatrayapradīpa, Wyl. tshul gsum sgron me)


  1. Onians, Isabelle, 'Tantric Buddhist Apologetics or Antinomianism as a Norm', Ph.d. dissertation, Oxford, 2002: 88-89.