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This free online encyclopedia and media library of Tibetan Buddhism was created in December 2006 by students of the Rigpa Shedra in Pharping, Nepal. Since then, it has grown into an online reference of 15,826 articles for all students interested in Tibetan Buddhism.

Our Tradition

Rigpa belongs to the Ngagyur Nyingma, or ‘Ancient Translation’ lineage of Tibetan Buddhism which goes back to the eighth century when Guru Padmasambhava established the Buddhist teachings in Tibet, and which continues as an unbroken lineage of transmission and realization until the present day. Within this Nyingma lineage, Rigpa practises and upholds the Longchen Nyingtik tradition, as well as certain terma treasure revelations of Lerab Lingpa, Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, the Dudjom Tersar and others. Rigpa has always embraced the spirit of Rimé, the approach that emphasizes respect for all schools of Tibetan Buddhism, and indeed other spiritual traditions, whilst acknowledging the need for each tradition to embody its own unique style and methods.

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Rigpa Shedra Address

Rigpa Shedra East,
Penor Rinpoche Buddhist Society,
Nyingma Palyul Retreat Centre,
Ganeshthan, Sheshnaryan 3,

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