Seven types of pratimoksha vows

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The Seven Types of Pratimoksha Vows (Wyl. so thar gyi sdom pa bdun) are the vows of:

  1. a fully ordained monk (Skt. bhikṣu; Tib. དགེ་སློང་)
  2. a fully ordained nun (Skt. bhikṣuṇī; Tib. དགེ་སློང་མ་)
  3. a novice monk (Skt. śrāmanera; Tib. དགེ་ཚུལ་)
  4. a novice nun (Skt. śrāmanerikā; Tib. དགེ་ཚུལ་མ་)
  5. a female novice in training for full ordination (Skt. śikṣamāṇā; Tib. དགེ་སློབ་མ་)
  6. a male lay practitioner (Skt. upāsaka; Tib. དགེ་བསྙེན་)
  7. a female lay practitioner (Skt. upāsikā; Tib. དགེ་བསྙེན་མ་)

There are sometimes said to be eight types of pratimoksha vows.