Sutra of the Ten Bhumis

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Sutra of the Ten Bhumis (Skt. Daśabhūmika-sūtra; Tib. ཕགས་པ་ས་བཅུ་པ་འི་མདོ་, pakpa sachupé do, Wyl. phags pa sa bcu pa'i mdo) — name given to the 31st chapter of the Avatamsaka Sutra, which describes in detail the ten bhumis. Vasubandhu wrote an important commentary to this sutra: the Dashabhumivyakhyana, which was only translated into Chinese, during the sixth century.


དུ་བ་ལས་ནི་མེར་ཤེས་དང༌། །

ཆུ་སྐྱར་ལས་ནི་ཆུར་ཤེས་ལྟར། །
བྱང་ཆུབ་སེམས་དཔའ་བློ་ལྡན་གྱི། །

རིགས་ནི་མཚན་མ་དག་ལས་ཤེས། །

Just as one infers the presence of fire by seeing smoke,
Or the presence of water by seeing aquatic birds,
The presence of the intelligent bodhisattvas’ disposition
Can be understood from certain signs.

Śākyamuni, Sūtra of the Ten Bhūmis