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some questions: - Should Text move above quotations? maybe even above the outline, that would make more sense - I want to put this TBRC link from the derge instead of the serdrima tengyur, but I'm not sure how to do it --Hankop (talk) 14:07, 13 September 2017 (CEST)

  • yes I would move quotations after text, like in other articles
  • good to have outline first; it's similar to 'subdivisions' section in other articles
  • for TBRC link, just do it as external link I think: Outline on BDRC. --Sébastien (talk) 12:06, 15 September 2017 (CEST)

I figured out how to correctly make the TBRC link and added it to the editorial guidelines--Hankop (talk) 06:46, 16 September 2017 (CEST)