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What's the difference between an emanation and an incarnation?--Sébastien 13:20, 10 June 2007 (CDT)

Hi Seb. I am not a scholar so you will have to go to that etymology department at Lotsawa House; however, it is my understanding that when one is called an emanation, it often times means they carry the direct blessing, often times through visions or interaction with the great saint in the past--as Khenpo Jikphun did with Ju Mipham. Whereas incarnation is the same consciousness taking a specific and intentional rebirth. Specific to Ju Mipham’s case, most lamas will tell you in Kham that he expressly said that he would NOT take rebirth and anyone claming to be his incarnation should be buried nine body lengths under the ground with a black stupa built over the top of them. Khenpo Namdrol told us that Khenpo Jikphun had a very close relationship with Ju Mipham in visions, and relied upon Ju Mipham's teachings and practices, which were cleared the obstacles to his terma revelations. So that is why I changed it from incarnation to emanation.