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Hi Seb, the category 'Tibetan Terms' is not very useful, as 99,9% of the terms on the wiki are tibetan terms (Wyl. seems to be page most linked to), often with translation, sometimes with only a sanskrit, sometimes the use of the phoneticized tibetan is preferred. Here we could have a category called 'cloth' or 'robes' but I don't know what the best term is. Any idea? In the same vein, I wanted to created a category for the different person or role such as Solpon, chopon, chant master, khenpo, khenchen etc. but I cannot think of a name for the category. Again, any idea? --Gyurmé 08:46, 16 March 2016 (CET)

Hi Gyurme!

  • I think the category 'Tibetan Terms' is at least exact even though not very useful. I want to move away from using 'Key Terms' for terms that very few people have even heard of. I use the category 'Tibetan Terms' if the title is in phoneticized Tibetan and Sanskrit Terms if the title is in phoneticized Sanskrit.
  • I agree this is only a temporary solution until we find a 'proper' category for those terms.
  • How about a Garments category (you used the term in your article)? It's general enough to include other articles in the future like monastic garments (existing chögö article), buddhist clothing, deity garments...
  • For solpon, chopon, chant master, khenpo, khenchen: could these be related solely to hierarchy and roles within a monastery, or is it vaster? Some of these are titles, some are roles related to a function. So maybe they fit in different categories... not sure

--Sébastien (talk) 13:05, 16 March 2016 (CET)