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?? Hello Adam, why have you deleted my question without any comment ? I thought people are allowed to work with this rigpawiki, aren't they ? If not just let me know. Is August 27th 1977 the answer to my question ? Thanks for answering because I would like to have the rigpa foundation date for the german wikipedia. Thank you and kind regards --Bjoern 09:10, 19 March 2007 (CDT)

-Hello Bjoern, Rinpoche started teaching in 1974. In the beginning his students were not organized into a group called Rigpa. This happened later. I do not have an exact date for when they started to call themselves Rigpa, but we date its origins to 1974 or 75. (The '77 date is the origin of Orgyen Chö Ling which later became Rigpa). ~ Adam

oki, thank you :D --Bjoern