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*Rongzom Mahapandita
*[[Rongzom Mahapandita]]
*Tsangtön Dorje
*Tsangtön Dorje
*Jamgön Kongtrul
*Jamgön Kongtrul

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Guru Padmasambhava courtesy of Terton Sogyal Trust

The Garland of Views: An Instruction (Wyl. man ngag lta ba'i phreng ba) by Padmasambhava



  • Rongzom Mahapandita
  • Tsangtön Dorje
  • Jamgön Kongtrul
  • Ju Mipham
  • Tsultrim Zangpo, man ngag lta ba’i phreng ba’i bsdus ‘grel blo gros ‘dab stod ‘byed pa’i nyi snang