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The Illusory Absorption (Skt. Māyopama­samādhi, Tib. སྒྱུ་མ་ལྟ་བུའི་ཏིང་ངེ་འཛིན།, Wyl. sgyu ma lta bu'i ting nge 'dzin) is found in the General Sūtra (mdo sde) section of the Tibetan Kangyur (Toh. 130).

In this brief sūtra the Buddha explains the meditative state known as the "illusory absorption". He summons two bodhisattvas, Avalokiteśvara and Mahā­sthāmprāpta, from the realm of Sukhāvatī, and recounts the story of how they first engendered the mind of awakening (bodhicitta).

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