Thirty seven elements of enlightenment

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The thirty-seven elements of enlightenment (chang chok sodun [Tib.]) are a system of thirty-seven factors practised at specific stages of the first four of the five paths. They also correspond to qualities of enlightenment, since the buddhas have perfected all those elements. So the thirty-seven elements of a buddha are different than those in the mind of someone on the path of learning.

1-4) four applications of mindfulness;
5-8) four genuine restraints;
9-12) four legs of miraculous powers;
13-17) five faculties (faith, diligence, mindfulness, concentration, wisdom);
18-22) five powers; (they are also faith, diligence, mindfulness, concentration, wisdom but are called 'powers' because of their particular capacity to overcome mental afflictions. They are meditated upon as for the five faculties)
23-29) seven elements for enlightenment;
30-37) eightfold noble path.