Three Dharma robes

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The three dharma robes (Wyl. chos gos rnam gsum)—

  1. Saṅgati (Wyl. snam sbyar), a large patched shawl made of 32 patches, usually yellow in the Tibetan tradition, worn only by fully ordained monks.
  2. Uttarāsaṅga (Wyl. bla gos), a large patched shawl, usually yellow in the Tibetan tradition, which can be worn by both fully ordained monks and novice monk, often called chögö nowadays.
  3. Antarvāsas (Wyl. mthang gos), the lower robe of a fully ordained monk, sown in pieces.

These three robes are part of the thirteen items of livelihood for monks as prescribed by the Buddha in the Vinaya.