Three fears

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The three fears' (Wyl. 'jigs pa gsum) or dangers can be explained in two ways as follows. But in any case when taking refuge we need to have the confidence that the Three Jewels have the capacity to protect us from them.

  1. ) in general sentient beings fear the sufferings of samsara
  2. ) less genrally, bodhisattvas dread the attitude of selfishness
  3. ) most particularly practitioners of Secret Mantra fear the deluded clinging to phenomena experienced as ordinary
  1. ) strive to attain a good rebirth as a god or human by fear of the three lower realms
  2. ) the shravakas strive to attain liberation by fear of the suffering of samsara
  3. ) the bodhisattvas fearing selfishness strive to accomplish the welfare of others