Treasury of Word and Meaning

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Treasury of Word and Meaning (Tib. Tsik Dön Dzö; Wyl. tshig don mdzod) - one of the Seven Treasuries of Longchenpa. It is a summary of the Treasury of the Supreme Vehicle, explaining the crucial points of practice.


The text consists of 11 chapters:

  1. the Ground and basis of reality (Wyl. gzhi), how that ground dynamically manifests itself (Wyl. gzhir snang);
  2. how sentient beings stray from the Ground;
  3. how all beings have the essence of Enlightened energy;
  4. how primordial wisdom (Wyl. ye shes) abides within us;
  5. the pathways, and
  6. the gateways, and
  7. domain for primordial wisdom;
  8. how primordial wisdom is experientially accessed;
  9. signs of realization,
  10. signs in the dying and bardo transition; and
  11. ultimate fruition as the manifest realization of the kayas.